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GHB is a chemical frequently found in and around the dance and party world. It is widely known as a ‘date rape’ substance, and you may not detect if GHB is secreted into your beverage at a celebration. The fundamental danger with GHB is from an over dose, which might kill you.


GHB is a sour or slightly salty tasting solution that is without odor or has a slight odor, but could also be uncovered in powder or capsule form. GHB usually does not possess any color, but could be hued vibrant blue. It is ordinarily put into the mouth and swallowed, but can be administered by needle.

GHB is also recognized as fantasy, GBH (grievous bodily harm), G, blue nitro and liquid ecstasy. GHB is an acronym of the chemical name gamma-hydroxybutyric acid.

GHB effects

GHB is a depressant substance, which indicates it decreases the communications back and forth from the brain/nervous system. It was originally created as a general anaesthetic, and makes individuals who ingest it tired.

The initial influences of GHB are very like alcohol intoxication, such as diminished inhibitions and slurred and thick oral communication. Abusers could become uncoordinated, experience memory problem, feel sick and throw up.

GHB is widely known as a date rape substance since it’s effortlessly camouflaged in cocktails (drink spiking).

The threat of overdosing on GHB is particularly high, particularly if it’s blended with other sorts of sedative drugs such as alcohol.

Cognitive/emotional health concerns

GHB overdoses could result in sensory hallucinations, loss of memory and blackouts.

Very little is realized regarding its longer term influences, but habitual consume can trigger tolerance and dependence.

Kicking the habit

Symptoms of withdrawal cease in about Twelve hours following the final dose, and frequently persist for 2-3 weeks. They involve:

suffering misconceptions, restless and paranoid feeling depressed trouble falling asleep muscle cramps and tremors sensory hallucinations accelerated cardiovascular rate.


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