25.03.2016 19:03

Overview FASD

Below from:

1. Women between the age of 15-44 report at the rate of 1 in 20 of binge drinking (15-44 is considered child bearing age.

2. 1 in 9 women report binge drinking in the first trimester of pregnancy.

3. 1 in 5 women report drinking during their first trimester.

4. Between .05-2 per 1000 live births are children born with FAS.

5. 40,000 children born each year (it is estimated) have FAS it may be as many as 80,000 with half going undiagnosed.

6. It is estimated that a child born with FAS will cost $2 million over their lifetime between treatment and disability.

7. The cost to the nation is about $6 Billion per year.



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